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Most trailers such as RVs, horse trailers, boat trailers, use overrun brakes. This is one of the most efficient braking systems. If you need it, you can get it on Nettotrailer.

We can provide you with the highest quality flyovers from the best manufacturers. At Nettotrailer, you have a large selection from different manufacturers in our catalog, so you can choose which one you need.

Overflight brakes are very common because the principle of its operation is very simple. When the car brakes, the trailer tends to go forward and push the car. With its mass, the trailer can accelerate the car, so that it would not be able to stop at the right moment.


To prevent this from happening, the overflight brake is activated. On the drawbar, a sliding piece is placed so that the cables are pulled and the trailer starts to brake, just as the car brakes. As soon as the car stops braking, the brake cables are released, so that both the trailer stops braking and the drive continues.

There are dampers on these brakes, and it mostly depends on which brake you need. These dampers depend on the weight that the trailer is towing, so according to the weight of the load that your trailer can pull, you will also buy a brake with a damper for that weight.

When driving backwards, these brakes have a reverse mechanism built into the brake drums, so they will not interfere with braking when reversing.

That is why these brakes are very often used for trailers. With their simple operation, they provide great efficiency. If you cannot choose the right brake yourself, call us and we will help you.

If you need an efficient trailer brake, one click on Nettotrailer is enough. The brake you order will reach you very quickly.